Monday, September 8, 2008

The Vote for Leahy Campaign Begins

As you might know, one of the people in the blogosphere I'm fond of is Sean Leahy from Yahoo/Going Five Hole. There's a number of reasons, ranging from I actually interned for him two summers ago to he's blogging and giving a bunch of money to charity, presumably out of his own pocket.

There's not much to dislike. He's, well, likable you might say.

Anyway, my point is this. Forget Obama. Forget McCain. Forget about party affiliations and abortion/immigration/death penalty debates.

When you vote this fall, vote Leahy for the Hockey News.

THN is looking for a new writer and, why the hell not, let's put a true, blue blogger in that spot. Screw people who have been in the industry for a long time and bounce around from job to job. Let's get some fresh blood in there. And why not Leahy. The guy breaks stories like a newspaper guy. He writes better than one. So it's on THN. I dare you to put Leahy in office. Hell, there's a Facebook group that's already up to 150 members. The people have made their choice.

And folks, if you haven't already made your choice, Vote Leahy. *waves flag*


  1. "let's put a true, blue blogger in that spot."

    I will always vote for a Smurf.

  2. free Jeremy Roenick dance lessons to all!

  3. @GFH: i'm so tempted to take you up on that