Friday, December 12, 2008

The Lightning are Trying to Go Al Davis on Melrose

This is a hockey blog, so let me explain the title a bit for those of you who aren't huge NFL fans. Al Davis is the old, kooky, paranoid owner of the Oakland Raiders. He has always had a bad repore with his coach and the relationship usually ends in Davis firing them and, many times, trying to with hold their pay. The most recent firing was Lane Kiffin. Davis held a lengthy press conference for him detailing the reasons he was firing Kiffin and that it was for cause. If you ever get the chance, You Tube it.

Funny story happening down in Tampa that I'm sure you're aware of. Yes, I'm referring to the whole Len Barrie/Barry Melrose War of Words that has seemingly taken over this hockey blog. Well, the chapters are writing themselves by the minute.

The latest, as of six or so hours ago, is that the Lightning are going to go Al Davis on Melrose and try to not pay him.

Side bar: The general legalese of the subject is that a coach needs to be fired "for cause" in order to not pay them the remainder of what they are owed. So, for example, firing a coach for losing or being incompetent doesn't really cut it. Conduct detrimental to the organization, harassment or something along those lines would however.

Back to Melrose and the Lightning.

Nothing is set in stone yet, but Darren Dreger of TSN is reporting that the Lightning are "investigating" if they would have a case for withholding the rest of Barry's money. Dreger is also reporting that "Melrose's assessment of rookie forward Steven Stamkos is the basis for the investigation."

I'd really like to know how they're going to try and prove that one in a court of law. Of all the things they could go after Melrose for, that would be it? Seriously? I wonder if the Bolts know that they need proof. Evidence. You know, something that would hold up in court.

So there's your daily Barry Melrose Termination Update. My guess is there will be something new before Friday is over with. We can only hope.


  1. Congrats on the Puck Daddy shout-out.

    "Cause" can be narrowly or broadly defined in the contract depending on how drunk the lawyer is when drafting it.

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