Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Martin Gerber Cannot Be Stopped

Did you know, this will be Martin Gerber's third finals appearance in the last four years?

Gerber will backup Ray Emery with Ottawa in this year's finals. Last year he lost the starting job in Carolina to Cam Ward, but eventually went on to win the Cup with the Hurricanes. Way back before the lockout, he backed up J.S. Giguere when the Ducks lost to the Devils in the 2003 finals.

The man is truly unstoppable. You can keep him from all the starting jobs you want, but on the bench he is a miracle worker. Maybe Toronto should look into signing him after the season is over. Who knows, he could be the key to solving the Cup drought that they have up there. Whatever his purpose, it's obvious that some day he'll be vice president of the world, and we might as well start embracing him as our superior right now.

What I really meant to say all along is that there is a pretty neat article about all this over at the NHL FanHouse, written by Jon Press. Go check it out!

Could Martin Gerber be the solution to ending your team's Stanley Cup drought?
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