Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Brett Hull: Ambassador of Fun

Sir, please step away from the Rally Monkey!

On Sunday, the Vancouver Sun reported that NBC had fired Brett Hull. Today, the Dallas Morning News is singing a slightly different tune, saying Hull left NBC to take a job with the Dallas Stars.

Maybe NBC fired Brett Hull, maybe they didn't. At this point it's all a little foggy, in a typical he said, broadcast network said kind of way. One thing we do know for sure, thanks to the Morning News, is that Hull will be working with the Dallas Stars by the time the 2007-08 season rolls around. The Stars have yet to give Hull an official position in the organization, but last year they had an interesting one for him.

"Hull last season served as assistant to Stars president Jim Lites and was used mainly in a marketing role with the title "Ambassador of Fun" in the team's primary advertising campaign. Hull also stepped into the broadcast booth, filling in as an analyst when Daryl Reaugh was working with Versus."

There you have it, folks. Brett Hull; Ambassador of fun. It's another sign that the apocalyspe is coming. I'll see you all later, I'm going to start building a bunker.

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