Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fan Reactions to the Keenan Hiring

An artist's rendering of what the impact of Mike Keenan's hiring will have on the city of Calgary.

After TSN reported that Mike Keenan would be announced as the 14th head coach in Calgary Flames' history, shit hit the fan, for some fans anyway. There were some priceless reactions across the internets. Here's a quick recap.

Some excerpts from the comments section at TSN:

"All i can say Is..........GOD HELP US ALL" - captainandbilly

"I guess Mike Milbury turned them down" - PRIDEOFCAPETOWN

"WHY? I don't get it....WHY! Not Keenan...ACK!" - mws79

"Vancouver just got that much better in their division.....if this is true." - richard1313

"Huselius is probably on the first flight out of Calgary." - KipKaboom


Of course, some people are more optimistic.

"This might be the KICK IN THE BUTT the Flames need to get them over the hump" - tyler15

"This is a brilliant move by Sutter if this goes through. Playfair seemed too soft on his guys and for a team built like Calgary is with the hard nose attitude you need a hard nosed coach who won't let players take a shift off. I think Keenan is ok (aka amazing) at making players accountable... Perfect fit for the environment." - LeafsEqualsLife

Battle of Ontario does a great job breaking down the whole situation for us. The highlights:

"A quick survey of Flames fans to this move reveals reactions from 1 to 10, that number of course referring to the number of 'O's in the NOOOO!!!!"

"Playfair is out as HC. That's good."

"Mike Keenan might just be a terrible coach. That's bad."

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