Monday, June 4, 2007

Monday Night Ice Breaker

Here at BMR, we hate Mondays. So, to try and ease everyone back into the work week, we present to you a weekly installment of nonsense and (hopefully) laughter. Without further ado, here is your Monday morning night ice breaker...

My apologies for completely lapsing on the MMIB this morning. But fear not dear readers! The Ice Breaker is here! (Better late than never, eh?)

This week, it's probably Predator fans who are having the worst Monday out of anyone we can think of thanks to all this Jim Balsillie business. Thanks to the beauty of YouTube, I present to you a compilation of Jordin Tootoo highlights. Essentially, it's a video of Tootoo going ape shit on a whole bunch of people, with some goals sprinkled in. It's really very entertaining.

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