Saturday, June 16, 2007

Montreal Wants Nothing To Do With Sergei Samsonov

News that comes as no surprise

This is a nice throwback to the days when Samsonov was, you know, relevant.
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This afternoon, TSN is reporting that the Canadiens have traded under performing winger Sergei Samsonov to the Blackhawks for just about nothing. In fact, they practically are giving him to the Blackhawks. The Habs do recieve Jason Cullimore and Tony Salmelainen in return, but they also plan on buying out Cullimore.

So there you have it. Samsonov is traded to Chi-town for Salmelainen, a 25-year old RFA to be.

There really aren't any good reasons as to why the Hawks would want Samsonov, save for the fact that they desperately need offense. I guess they're hoping to try and resurrect his career.

Samsonov spent most of this past season in the Montreal dog house, a healthy scratch for much of the stretch run. In 64 games, he had 26 points and was a -4. Not only that, Samsonov is slated to make $3.525 mil this season, and that amount is not anywhere near worth paying him that much.

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