Sunday, June 10, 2007

The NHL Draft Keg Party: James Van Riemsdyk

Here at BMR we try to provide you, the reader, with as educational and entertaining a look at the NHL as possible. In preparation for the NHL Draft, today we continue with a feature entitled 'The NHL Draft Keg Party'. The goal of this feature is to provide you with information about the prospects that you haven't heard already. Hopefully, this will be a fun and entertaining endeavor. (Disclaimer)

Even the Miller Lite girls know this guy is dynamite.

Prospect Profile: James Van Riemsdyk

Birthdate: May 4, 1989

Position: Left Wing

Height/Weight: 6'3" / 200lb

Shoots: Left

Current Team: US National Team Developmental Program

ISS Ranking: #2 overall

CSB Ranking: #3 North America

[NHL Connect Profile] [Hockey's Future Profile]

Nickname: Reemer

Favorite TV Show: The OC

Favorite Movie: Happy Gilmore

Favorite Music: John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Bruce Spingsteen, OAR

Quote: "Success is never final, and failure is never fatal." - Nick Saban

Post Draft Plans: University of New Hampshire

Favorite NHL Memory: Game seven of the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals (Rangers defeat the Canucks)

BMR Scouting Report

From all accounts Van Riemsdyk sounds like a great kid. I've got a beef, though. Some of his favorite TV shows and musicians include John Mayer, Jack Johnson and the OC. That's a minus in my book. That makes two prospects in a row that enjoy some Mayer and Johnson. I sincerely hope hockey players aren't starting to go soft. Maybe this is why fighting is down? I think there's a good chance that we can blame the OC for a lot of things happening in the NHL. It's possible that the Sens came out flat in the Finals because they were staying up too late watching OC reruns, a show that they didn't start watching until they started hanging out with Buffalo in the Conference Finals! Ah ha! That must be it!... Since I live a stone's throw from where the Islanders paraded four Stanley Cups, it's tough for me to swallow that Van Riemsdyk is a Ranger fan. That being said, the guy can play some serious hockey, and he can have a spot on the Island any day. You know, shit happens... One thing is certain; this kid is going to be good. You can tell me that the draft is a crap shoot. You can tell me Van Riemsdyk will be the next Alex Daigle. Don't waste your breath. I won't believe any of it for a second. Take a look at the picture accompanying this post and think about this; Did the Great One or Super Mario ever have a picture like that surface prior to their 18th birthday? I don't think so (and if they did I want to see it!).

By the way, if Gary Bettman starts using the OC as an excuse for expansion, remember that you heard it here first.

UPDATE: As it turns out, Van Riemsdyk is down with Snoop Dizzle. That seals it, there is NO WAY Chicago can pass on this guy.

Sources: Facebook,, TSN

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  1. To James---Congradulation from the Morgenstern Family of Middletown. And to Alberta and Manitoba and PEI---you cannot possibly appreciate the unlikely and unprecedented feat that James has accomplished here. He is from an unfrozen hockey wasteland where not a single person on his block (aged 50 or older) knows of Plante or Richard or Beliveau---guaranteed true---and where in his own town few if any recognize the incredible potential that the hockey world has seen in one of their own. He is virtually unrecognized as the ultimate elite NHL player that he is. He is an underground superstar in his own town as of today. Unheralded, not recognized---and that is what makes his accomplishment so mind-boggling. He did it in a vacuum. It is absolutely unprecedented! Like, but not quite, as if he was from Turkey or Indonesia or Arizona!!! Coolest thing is he's a Rangers fan! It is not that he's the ultimate product of the horrible NJD reign of boring, Lamoriello brand of distorted crap the kids of NJ have had to endure, but he is a descendant of the brilliant season of '94 Rangers run of exciting HOCKEY!! Oh, James, congradulations to you!! Amazing! And, to your family! Thank goodness! And, don't worry. the NYR will rescue you from the clammy, disgusting and creepy grips of the Flyers and deliver you to Broadway where you will become a legendary (think Graves) Ranger and become a fan-favorite! Congrats---
    The Morgensterns