Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Wrap Up: Chris Simon is Your Top Story Today. Sad.

The man. The mullet. The legend.

  • You can take our images, but you'll never take our freedom! Apparently some asshole flipped the switch that gets rid of all the pictures on this blog. They are all hosted over at my account on, and as you can see, they're not loading. Thanks a lot, fuckers. I'm not going to dignify them with a hyperlink. This, from the same people who tried to close my account cause I didn't pay my bill. The reason I didn't pay? They double billed me, and I wasn't stupid enough to pay twice.
  • BMR is not affiliated with Barry Melrose or ESPN. Not in any way. Not at all. I am not Barry Melrose. I've never even met the guy... Some people have been circulating rumors that this is Barry Melrose's non-ESPN blog. That is false. I am Kevin, your blogging overlord... For the record, I do not own a mullet.
  • The Islanders can't help but make headlines: Still Suspended Chris Simon has re-signed with the Islanders. It's a one-year deal valued at $800,000. Simon is still suspended for 7 games because he thought Ryan Hollweg looked better with some wood in his face. lexei Yashin has signed a one-year contract with Lokomotiv of the Russian Super League. As you may remember, the former Islander is being paid more than $2 million to not play on Long Island this season. Said Yashin's agent Mark Gandler; "Right now the city is electric, everyone is excited, the arena will be packed and Alexei will play hard." Yashin playing hard? I'll believe it when me shit turns purple and tastes like rainbow sherbet.
  • Brooks Laich thinks that he is bigger than the team: An interesting situation is developing in Washington. No Name Brooks Laich is filing for arbitration, and as Off Wing poins out, he doesn't seem to have much of a case -- unless his goal is to get the hell out of Washington... I'm not really sure why anyone would want to do that. The Caps have made some serious strides in recent weeks, but in all fairness, they're still taking really rudimentary promotional photos.
  • Hannu Toivonen is a Blue: St. Louis acquired the Bruin net minder for Carl Soderberg.
  • This is the best you can do?! Drew Carey (yes, that Drew Carey) has been named as the replacement for Bob Barker on the Price is Right. Seriously. Drew. Fucking. Carey. Shit, it's all down hill from here. Might as well start preparing for the end.


  1. brooks laich's desire to go to arbitration is confusing to me as well, but getting out of washington might be good for him, actually- we have a surplus of mediocre, 3rd-line-at-best players (you may have noticed this), and there's no way he gets anywhere past the 4th line with the caps in at least a couple years.

  2. yeah, i didn't come up with the idea -- but it seems pretty logical that it's just a ploy to get him out of Washington. He could just ask for a trade I guess. This is just more creative.

    And seriously, you guys are going to be pretty pleasing to watch this season. Between Backstrom, Poti, Kozlov and Nylander, there isn't a guy who is going to sell season ticket packages in July, but when their powers are combined... Well, you get the picture.