Monday, July 9, 2007

Monday Wrap Up: Slow News Day

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...

  • Mike York is obviously the answer to Phoenix's problems: Why didn't we realize this sooner? 21 points in 66 games is going to take this team far... Honestly, it would do the 'Yotes a lot more to just play one of the kids and save the money.
  • Only milk can stop zombie attacks!
  • Lead us captain! Leeeeead us! Today, the Islanders named Bill Guerin captain at a press conference that introduced Guerin, Mike Comrie, Ruslan Fedotenko, and Jon Sim. There are contrasting opinions on whether Guerin knew that he would be recieveing the 'C' or if the team surprised him with it at the press conference. Either way, it's a move that probably had to be made. My bet? Snow used it as a bargaining chip. Not that the Islanders captaincy has had any 'lore' to it in the past decade, but it's still a captaincy.
  • The lockout... it does nothing: There's some concern out there about the future of the NHL if they cap continues to increase. Consider me concerned.
  • Throwing money at people: In other cap news, the Canucks signed Kevin Bieska to a big money extension. He's going to get an extra $11.25 through the last three years of his contract. He would have been a RFA next season.
  • Dallas Drake cannot be destroyed.
  • Minnesota does not care about your failed drug tests: The Wild have signed former New York Islander Sean Hill. Prior to Game 5 of the Isles series against Buffalo, Hill was suspended by the NHL for 20 games as a result of failing the league's anti-doping policy. Hill insists that he is innocent. He's passed another drug test as well as a lie detector. Now if only we could get baseball players to do the same...

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