Friday, August 3, 2007

Reason to Live Until Next Season #3

The summer months can be long, hot and boring. In hockey terms -- the summer sucks. Beach season is great and all, but it's also a reminder that hockey is still far, far away. Hockey fans, this summer, please try and keep your sanity. To help you survive the long summer months, I'll be taking the time to remind you of the reasons why it's a good idea to make sure you live to see next season. Please, don't do anything rash this summer.

Reason to Live #3: Because there's nothing quite like a playoff atmosphere.

It really doesn't matter what team you cheer for (unless it happens to be the Blue Jackets), every hockey fan knows the feeling of an arena packed to the rafters in the spring. Raucous tailgating outside the arena and inside everyone from the ushers to the fans in the top row of the upper deck are livid with excitement. It's playoff hockey and no matter the seed, every team has a shot at the prize.

It's hard to describe, but you know the feeling. There's no regular season game quite like it. Opening night is great, but the building isn't as electric. When a legend's number is retired, there is always a packed house, but the feeling is closer to a funeral than a bachelor party. Even when your rival comes to town, it's just not the same. Close, but no cigar.

Playoff atmosphere in hockey is arguably the best in sports. It doesn't matter what city you live in, the arena is packed and the fans are electric (except, well, New Jersey).

Playoff hockey. There's really nothing quite like it.

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  1. 2 thoughts.

    1) That video NEVER fails to give me goosebumps and

    2) CBC is the absolute gold standard when it comes to hockey broadcasts. If that was the American feed, I am sure Doc would have been telling some story about some Junior B team he saw the other day over the anthem.