Tuesday, August 28, 2007

SI FanNation Wants You to Think Steve Sullivan Has Aged Horribly

This is getting really tiring. This is at least the third time I've had to post about how the NHL folks over at SI FanNation have totally dropped the ball on their NHL coverage.

I know, I know. People make mistakes. But they mess up like it's their damn job. At least it's pretty funny this time.

But maybe, just maybe it's not an error at all. Could it be a conspiracy? Is FanNation out to get Nashville's Steve Sullivan? I guess it is possible. After all, they made him look like he aged pretty horribly over the summer.

Let's review.

This is Steve Sullivan as a healthy, strong and virile young man in his days with the Blackhawks, somewhere between 1999 and 2004. That puts him between the ages of 25 and 30. This is before he started aging horrifically, or so FanNation would have you believe.

This is Steve last season, while playing for the Predators back in February of this year. He's a 32-year old veteran of the NHL at this point. He's still got plenty of spring in his step, which is shown by the 60 points he scored in 57 games for Nashville.

Saturday, word broke that Sullivan could miss the first three months of the season with back problems. He's been out since February 22nd due to this, and it's apparently taken a toll on him; witness FanNation's post about him yesterday. He must of aged about 30 years since we saw him in February.

Get well soon, Steve. Please, get well.

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