Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dallas is the Snarkiest Team in the League

The big news out of Dallas this week were the billboards that the Stars put up all over town with ballsy slogans plastered across them. The slogans are pretty hilarious and take shots at the other major American sports. Obviously taking a shot at the NBA and the whole Tim Donaghy situation, the Stars put up one that reads "the only thing our refs shave is the ice." That's what you call a classic.

The Stars pulled no punches, even going after what could probably be referred to as the official sport of Texas. I'm talking, of course, about football. That billboard reads, "One game a week? Is the N in NFL for Nancy?"

Major League Baseball got their proverbial pie to the face as well, with one that reads "maybe baseball should stop using the word sacrifice."

To help the Stars in their cause, I have decided to give them a hand by coming up with some slogans they can use if they plan to go after other NHL teams. Feel free to leave your own ideas in the comments, which I'm sure will be much more clever. It's all about the team contributions.

I have a really bad habit of always mentioning Game Six.

This is really a given...

Have to take the obvious shots at the division...

And of course if marketing department likes lolcats...

And the obligatory dick joke...


  1. Ahhh dick jokes, nothing wrong with that.

    And that skate WAS in the crease!

  2. "the only thig our refs shave is the ice"

  3. I meant thing. Dammit