Sunday, September 23, 2007

In the Future, the Undead Will Wear Preds Jerseys

A promo photo from the new Resident Evil movie.
NHL Tournament of Logos

Even wonder what NHL team the undead would cheer for? I know I sure have. That internal conversation happens almost anytime I drive past a graveyard at night. Thank goodness for this photo, as I've finally got an answer to the question that has plagued me for years.

Yes, the undead are Nashville Predators fans. This season the Preds should be a shell of their former selves, just like the good folks in the picture to your right. Oh, sweet, sweet irony!

Not only that, but if you were living in fear that that the eventual post-apocalyptic world you or your children will surely live in would consist of the remnants of a dying human race that lives in fear of a rather large zombie epidemic, well, that world just got even scarier. Zombie Predator Fans. God help us. It's time we welcome our new Zombie Predator-Supporting Overlords before it's too late.

(h/t: NHL Tournament of Logos)

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  1. That dude's head looks a lot like the Pred logo. Creepy.