Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Required Reading for Sept. 26th: Hawks Un-Eliminated from Playoffs

Who wants to reminisce about shitty hockey cards?

Lots to talk about in the hockey world today, so listen up class. The gist of it is really only mindless violence and death, which is depressing. Those are the reasons why I stopped watching the local news. Good thing hockey was built on mindless violence though. Due to that, I don't think I'll be walking away from the sport anytime soon.


  1. That Pro Set link is hilarious, I still have all of mine and I never was able to get the Puck card. I wanted it though ...

    And here is a great Fanhouse post on hockey cards ...

  2. Hey, thanks for the link! I added you to my list of hockey blogs, and you're now gonna be a regular read. Great blog, superb writing, and solid comedy!

    Take care, and I'll be be often!

  3. Wow, while I commented on that initial post about Wirtz being six feet under, it's a bit weird for it to happen a week later. While living in Chicago as a Wings fan for 6 years, I still always rooted for Original Six teams (minus the Rangers of course) and hated to see what happened to a once proud franchise. While Wirtz's love of his hockey team was never questioned, his refusal to adjust with the times will be what he is sadly remembered for.

    While he was a tightwad with the purse strings for his hockey team, he freely spent money elsewhere. Part of his empire was (is) liquor distributorship and I remember him spending millions lobbying to get state laws written (which wound up being successful) making it almost impossible for a business to change distributors. So while he was generous in terms of charities and the families of his employees, he still will be the Harold Ballard of Chicago to a lot of Hawks fans.