Monday, September 3, 2007

Things That Look Odd, but Actually Did Happen

We'll see how this goes, but there's a good chance it may become a regular feature around here if it appeases you guys; Things that look odd, but actually did happen. You know, it's all the stuff you forgot about like; Eric Lindros getting drafted by the Nordiques, and the fact that there used to actually be a hockey team in Winnipeg (sorry that one probably stings a bit). Enough of my horrific lead in, here's the first installment.

Let's start with an easy one. Wayne Gretzky was dealt at the trade deadline to the Blues in 1996. That didn't go so well, and he jetted for the Rangers in the following summer. He played all
of 18 games (+13 playoffs) in St. Louis. Most people remember this, but it still looks God-awful.

If you think back, this one isn't too hard either. Bryan Trottier in a Penguins uni. He's in the Hall of Fame and his jersey number is in the rafters on Long Island, but who remembers that he spent his final three seasons in Pittsburgh, including two Stanley Cups? Actually, probably everyone.

Here's your curve ball. Paul Coffey in a Blackhawks jersey. The Hall of Fame defender's career spanned three decades and nine teams. He's probably most remembered for winning three Cups in Edmonton, two more in Pittsburgh and a lengthy stay in Detroit. What you probably don't remember is the 10 games he spent in Chicago in 1998 before being traded to Carolina.

You know it happened, but in 10 years you won't. Owen Nolan in a Coyotes jersey. This is another one of those aging-former-all-star-finishes-his-career-in-a-random-city deals. It was only last season, so you know it happened unless you were in a coma. My point is, in 10 years this is going to look as awkward as, well, The Great One in St. Louis.

If you were not impressed previously, be prepared to be impressed now. Eric Lindros in a Toronto Blue Jays jersey. They play baseball, if you were wondering. Now that's something that looks really, really odd but actually did happen. Suck on that, people who thought I wasn't going to come up with anything decent and are now gouging out their eyes because they're looking at Eric Fucking Lindros on a baseball card. That. Just. Happened.


  1. Gretzky with a blue note on his chest...I still wake up in cold sweats thinking of Yzerman's shot from the blue line going over Casey's shoulder in the playoffs that year...

  2. "Eric Lindros playing fucking baseball"

    That is weird. It makes a person think, that does. That's just...well, odd.I look forward to more, if there are more.

  3. If you look closely, you can see the start of yet another Lindros injury in the making. He probably concussed himself in the back of the head on the follow-thru of that girly swing caught on camera.