Monday, October 15, 2007

Impressive Linguistic Talents -- October 15th

It's time once again to recognize the very best in class participation from the previous week.

The Golden Ticket
loserdomi on The Daily Sniper: Never Mind, Chuck Norris IS a Hockey Team

"That Paul Stastny seems to be quite the talented young chap, isn't he? /understatement>

And Chuck Norris would make the Blackhawk logo cry that single tear just by looking at it. It would be a tear of fear."

The Medal for Being So Close, Yet So Far
black capricorn onThe Daily Sniper: The Sens are an Unstoppable Killing Machine
"What happens if you program said killing machine not to kill but to love?

Why then, you would have the Toronto Maple Leafs."

Bronze; Hey, it's better than nothing.
casualhockey on The Daily Sniper: The Sens are an Unstoppable Killing Machine
"Brian Elliot has a huge ass. Just FYI. When is Bettman going to introduce the "Goalie Ass-Size Rule"? It's obviously an advantage to have a giant ass like Brian Elliot. Seriously, it's enormous."

Honorable Mention
ryan (who always seems to sneak into posts) on Daniel Briere Finally Understands Teamwork
"I think that would be a good team name. Perhaps they could call them the Philadelphia Synergy, and the team colors could be shades of gray, and the mascot would be a 38 page document that nobody reads."


  1. Ahh, nothing works better than a Leaves joke! I crack me up.

  2. Third Place? Again? Where do I send my appeal???

  3. I applaud blackcapricorn on the Leafs jab (I can take a ribbing.)

    And thanks for the Golden ticket *bows gracefully* I hope to keep that up but I make no guarantees...