Saturday, October 13, 2007

Two Words; Bring It.

The following comes from Ryan over at the Victoria Times (a pretty sweet blog by the way):

"in one league I've been too focused on preparing for my matchup against Kevin from Melrose Rocks. I'm coming for you and Jeremy Roenick can't save you now."

See, that's where you've miscalculated my friend. I don't need Mr. Roenick on my team to win because it isn't the player with the most 'bitches' who wins. It's points and stuff. For that, I've got motha truckin Paul Stastny. Paul. Stastny.

How's that taste?

And Nicklas Backstrom. And Dany Heatley.



...and good luck. =)


  1. I said brrrr! It's cold in here!
    There must be some Melrose in the atmosphere!

    I said DAMN! It's hot in here! There must be blogger rivalries in the atmosphere!

  2. in my league we refer to him as "shat nasty paul stastny".

  3. Ok, so hold on. Are you the wealthy, historically talented blog, while VT is the inner city blog struggling to make ends meet, and you look down your nose at my blog, but thats just for appearances, while you actually privately respect my blog, and after our competition is over, our blogs totally become BFF's? Is that how this works

  4. Yup, I think that's pretty accurate. But I wouldn't call this place 'wealthy and historic'. Maybe more like 'the blog that buys BMWs to look cool, and doesn't have enough left over to put food on the table'.

    But we can still be BFFs, right? Right? dammit I knew hate me!!

    *runs away crying*