Sunday, November 25, 2007

When Our Powers Combine, We Form Barry Merica Online!

Well, I've got some pretty cool news today. Thanks to Eric McErlain and all the fine people over at the FanHouse, I'll be moonlighting over there in the coming weeks. Freaking sweet! I'm glad to be aboard, and amazed that they actually hired a guy who, you know, has a creepy man-crush on Paul Stastny (among other things). But really, it's an honor to be alongside some ridiculously talented writers and minds.

I'm going to be the same person over there as here, as Eric insistently tells me to just "do what I do best". Sadly, "being tall" doesn't really help with writing blog posts. Oh well. If we're talking specifics, the only changes will basically be that JR isn't going to find his way over there, since that's called "legal trouble." Otherwise it will be the usual bat shit crazy, sarcastic, Islander loving me... with a different background.

As for how this is going to affect things around these parts, well, they're not going to change all that much. I should be able to balance both BMR and my duties at the FanHouse. It should be business as normal here, with the occasional hyper links to whatever I wrote over there. As you may have noticed, the Daily Sniper is retired, but that wasn't so good anyway and may see a return around playoff time. Thanks to that, I've had a lot more time on my hands (those darned things took forrreverrrr). So yeah, that's the long way of saying that the plan for BMR is business as usual.

Oh yeah and AOL is the best company ever if you think my attitude is going to change or something simply because I've gone corporate, well, you're wrong. Time Warner rocks my socks This isn't going to affect me one bit. I'm still going to use sentence fragments, be incoherent at times, and write about the Islanders way too much. OMGZ i heart AOL Yup. No changes here.


  1. Congrats and good luck. Try not to blow it ... =op>

  2. I second the congratulatory remarks above me. I'm with Scotty though--don't screw up too badly =)
    /bad jab

  3. Thanks for the kind words, all. If by "don't blow it" you mean "continue to write trash" then I think I should be good. =)