Monday, December 24, 2007

Your Obligatory Year End Extravaganza

Google image searching "Dick Clark" is a bad, bad idea.

Well, it's about this time of year that everyone and their dog is doing some sort of a "year-end recap" or a "best of 2007" shindig. Not to be left out of any popular trend, BMR is going to go down the same path. YOYEE, the worst acronym ever, or Your Obligatory Year End Extravaganza as it can also be called, is going to be my effort to recap all the fun things that happened around here in 2007. We're only about 8 months and 300 something posts old, but there's certainly some good stuff there. At least I'd hope so.

Anyway, here is where you come in. Either leave in the comments, or email me (melroserocks[at]gmail[dot]com) your favorite posts of 2007. Whatever you liked, for whatever reason, send it in and hopefully we will, you know, get enough submissions so that this is something that can actually be tallied up and unveiled down the line. So have at it! Feel free to peruse the archives and labels as you like. There's also a handy little search box on the left side if you're looking for something in particular.

YOYEE is in no way endorsed or acknowledge by Dick Clark. Rockin' and/or rollin' totally is, though. Dude.


  1. My personal favorite was the "Epic Battle Update - All Your Universe are Belong to Paul Stastny". I laughed out loud (or LOL'd, if you will). At work. Where I was definitely not misusing company resources by surfing the net. Because I would never do that.

  2. I would like to start by saying that "YOYEE" sounds like the sound you'd make if your hand, or any other appendage, got caught in a blender.

    off the top of my head, posts I liked:

    --where you redid the Kazakstahn noational anthem from Borat to bash the Leafs (much chuckling, even from me)

    --the post introducing "will Bill" Backstrom versus "Backstrom prime"

    -forget the real title, but it was something like "This week in we ^%^&$ed up". It involved Jason Blake's cancer

    --Gary Bettman's hit list

    --title was something like "if this continued for any longer Bill Clement would have a seizure"

    That's alll I can think of for now

  3. Thanks for the thoughts. =) Hopefully a few more people will chime in too.

  4. If Only Text Messaging Was More Popular in the NHL