Monday, January 14, 2008

Places Where An Outdoor Game Should Take Place

Worst. Photoshop. Ever.
NY Daily News

This weekend there was some big news in the big apple (see what I did there?). The NY Daily News is reporting that the NHL is working with the Rangers and the Yankees to hold an outdoor game at Yankee Stadium. For all the details, check out the story at the Daily News, complete with horrifically photoshopped picture.

To keep up with the whole "OMG WE NEEDZ LOTZ OF OUTDOOR GAMES THEYRE SOOOO COOLL OMGZZZ LOL" mania that is going around these days, here's a list of venues where an outdoor game needs to be played.

  • The moon. Why not? We saw how snow affects the game, so how about zero gravity? TV ratings: off the charts.
  • The Reflecting Pool outside the Lincoln Memorial. This isn't my idea, the DC bureau of NHL FanHouse came up with it, and it's a heck of an idea. One of the best backdrops you could imagine for a game.
  • Some cool natural place thingy. You know, like Yellowstone or something. Can you tell I really didn't think this one through? But basically -- instead of an awe inducing man-made backdrop, go with something natural.
  • A frozen pond in Alaska/Canada. An actual frozen pond. This would piss off the players to no end since the conditions would be brutal. But hell, this is taking the game back to it's roots to the extreme. EXTREME NOSTALGIA!!!
  • Miami Beach. Just because it would fail miserably and we could all laugh.


  1. "An actual frozen Pond" might be a good idea, but it will only work if it's the Rangers playing against Russell Crowe. Wait a minute, that sounds familiar...

  2. Ahh, having sex in a plow truck, that brings me back...errr maybe not.

  3. They should head up to Fargo to play a game today. -16. Lets see how fluidly Sid skates up there.

  4. The moon isn't zero gravity (if I remember right, it is about 1/6 of earth's gravity).