Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another Installment in the Continuing Saga of YouTubes that Will Never Cease to Amaze Us

Readers, have I told you lately that I loved you? Cause I do. Just not in that way. I love you but I'm not in love with you, if that makes sense. But I say this because you always send me the best emails.

By now you've probably seen it, and it's like oh my gawd totally worth seeing again. Like any good Ocean's movie (Yes, even Ocean's Twelve). Thanks to Bryce for sending in the video of Andrei Kostitstyn's goal from Saturday night. It's falling-while-scoring-tacular. And it's better when you watch it in French! I don't know how he's doing what he's doing and, the best part, I don't know what those noises are that are coming out of their mouths! (I'm American and therefore too lazy to learn other languages, you see.)

Obviously, this goal reminds us all of that "falling while pwning" goal Alex Ovechkin scored two years ago against the Coyotes while on his back. And, in following proper internet etiquette, I'm obligated to link to it in addition the comparison I just made.

But yes. This is impressive young padawan Canadien. Very impressive, indeed. Now if you could only learn to do that while levitating.

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