Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Day of the Year (Maybe)

Place your bets on who is going to cry this year...

Happy deadline day everyone!

I'll be in and out today, but if anything goes down I'll do my best to get something up about it in this post... Feel free to hangout and go nuts in the comments.

For now, Ross McKeon is starting us off with some Southeast teams that may be looking to deal their big guns.

Stars reaching for Richards; Habs zero in on Hossa (Yahoo)

And be sure to place your bets on who is going to cry this year!

Well there's a lot of movement. Brad Richards, Cristobal Huet, your mom. Check out all the action with TSN's trade tracker and more in depth coverage at FanHouse. Illegal Curve's got the live blogaction.


  1. Mark Messier will be bawling. Meanwhile Sportsnet is breaking that Turco has an inconsistent golf game. We are off to a good start!

  2. Also, Wade Belak is pressing his plaid pants

  3. What will I do with Simon in Minnesota?!?!? That's no fun!

  4. Hmm.. the Wild acquired Chris Simon... Have you heard anything about him in the past? Hopefully he's a scorer, because the wild already have grinders like Derek Boogaard and Todd Fedorul.

    /walks away whistling, pretending to to be dumb

  5. Seems a little ironic the Wild picked up wild man Chris Simon.... okay, horrible play on words but I couldn't resist.

    The Stars and Sharks both made some strong moves today, looks like the Pacific is going to be that much stronger. Three legitimate cup contenders in that division.

  6. The Isles had to fuck up my dream of a dead Ryan Hollweg by dealing Simon to Minnesota, thanks for nothing.

  7. I'm sad to see huet leaving. And I'm mad to see the habs only got a late second round pick in 2009 for an experienced 2007 All Star goalie. I mean, I now the market for goalies was awful, but still...

    Anyway, Huet is not only a good goalie, he's a class act, and people are gonna love him in Washington.

  8. I think some GM's just did something to say that they did something so the fans would shut up.

    That's not gonna fly in MN, sorry DR. The whole state is in an uproar over the fact that all we got from this day when we have some gaping holes is Chris Simon.