Monday, March 17, 2008

Democracy Inaction... Er... In Action

See what I did there? With the cleverness and the blind, sweeping statement about politics? That's why I'm still on Blogger...

Anyway, I've been trying to figure out another fun poll that we can all engage in for quite some time now. You know what I have? Nothing. So, when I have no material I go to the people who give me more material than George Lucas gets at a Star Wars' fan writers convention (another poor analogy that shows why I'm still limited to Blogger). You guys are the best, and I mean that sincerely.

So here's your task... Come up with a poll for the site. Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments or by dropping me an email (melroserocks [at] You could probably make signs with ideas on them and hold them up at an NHL game and try to get on TV with something that says "How sexy is JR? A hot tamale or on fire?" That would be a bit harder I would imagine. Anywho, I'm looking forward to your ideas. Let 'er rip!


  1. Best mullet:
    *Barry Melrose
    *Brian Engblom
    *Jaromir Jagr circa 1992
    *Joe Dirt

    Third Uniform You Least Want To See Return Next Season:
    *Islanders - pumpkin jersey
    *Nashville - baby puke
    *Anaheim - Wild Wing
    *Boston - huggy bear

    Number of games before Chris Simon and/or Chris Pronger strike again:
    *Never, they learned their lessons (hahahahaha)

  2. Poll:

    If you could only make out with one mascot, which mascot would it be?


    Don Cherry, Doc Emerick, Eric Duhatschek


    Is it worse to follow a team that is good but falls short consistently (i.e., the Leafs) or a team that is never competitive (i.e., the Isles)?

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  4. totally agree with home theater on this one

  5. @scotty: Jagr had to cook his mullet bacon and eggs in the morning, I guarantee it.

    maybe who would win in a Thunderdome: Chris Simon or Chris Pronger? How much would you pay to see this happen?

    Who would be on the All-Douche Team?

  6. @ loser domi (on home theater): hahaha

    Who would be the best addition to the cast of STOMP on Broadway? (with Pronger and Simon being obvious choices)

    scotty hockey's are pretty darn good.....

  7. great ideas guys... I might run with a couple of them.

    I want to delete home theater's comment cause spam is just so 1995, but it's too funny. Too funny.