Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Daily Sniper: Ottawa is Now Soaked in Regret and Remorse

Last year I wrote the Daily Sniper each day, which covered all the games from the night before. It took up all too much time and wasn't really that fun. But because it's playoff time and there are uber games to keep up with, I'm going to give it another shot. Hopefully this goes better than Van Wilder 2... It might be semi-daily, but it'll be around for a bit.

Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images/Yahoo Sports

Pittsburgh vs. Ottawa, Game Four (PIT 3, OTT 1)

How sweep it is. See what I did there? Get it?!?

To complete a collapse that can only be described as "shamu-like," the Penguins finally put the Senators out of their misery. In one of the worst falls from grace in recent memory, the Sens went from first place in the Eastern Conference on February 23rd and dropped to seventh, only to be swept in the first round. To make matters worse, or maybe raise the demand for anti-depressants in Southern Ontario, the Sens lost their final game on home ice. And boy, does the irony run deep there.

Prior to the game, the team placed a poster of two teams shaking hands after last year's series (which the Sens won) outside the Pens dressing room. Wow, does that look like a poor decision now. I don't mean to get into politics, but I think that decision makes President Bush look like Albert Einstein right about now. Last night a new photo was taken, and I think it's safe to say that the Pens may post it outside of their locker room. And they'll have about a week to do it, as the sit back, relax and get healthy while the competition beats each others' heads in. Congrats to Pittsburgh and the folks over at Pensblog, may you annihilate the Rangers in the next round (Woo I can say that! I don't have to worry about journalistic standards!).

Detroit vs. Nashville, Game Four (NSH 3, DET 2)

I may owe Tennessee some apologies.

If you can remember as far back as a week ago (I know, it might be tough but give it a shot), you will probably remember my Ultra Super Mega Gigantic Playoff Preview In Store Spectacular. In that, I basically gave the Predators no shot. Hoo. Well. About that.

After last night's game, it sure seems like I gave the Preds some bulletin board material, cause right now they're the ones hanging tough with the big dogs. Despite getting outshot 41-27, the Preds took Game Four at home to tie the series. Dan Ellis stood on his head once more, yet again proving that a stud goaltender is always a requirement if you want to make it out of the first round. Detroit's reeling a bit, the Preds are on a roll. Who would have thunk? Oh right, not me. Crap.

New Jersey vs. NY Rangers, Game Four (NYR 5, NJD 3)

The evil empire wins yet again...

In the highest scoring game of the night (8 goals! My God!), the Rangers took a commanding 3-1 series lead on their cross-river rivals. Amazing, Sean Avery made no news whatsoever. When I took a look at the boxscore, there was one big surprise. Get this -- Patrick Elias, who was a +10 on the season had two goals tonight but finished -3. To do that, now that is skill. It's also why the Devs are in a hole going back to the swamp.

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  1. If there was some way for both teams to lose the Rangers-Devils series, I would be all for it.

    And who is catching Preds fever? Cough cough, me!