Wednesday, May 7, 2008

They Said 'Sponsor a Player' -- You Can Probably Guess What I Did Next

Yup. It's the same picture of Barry that always gets trotted out.

Well, if you've been reading the blogs today (and seeing as you're here you have read at least one), then you might have heard about

First off -- amazing site. Seriously. Whatever you need to know about cold, hard, hockey facts they are all over it. But that's not where I'm going with this.

The main point here is summed up precisely by the Good Doctor Mirtle, so I'll let him explain.

One of the neat things about is the fact
you can sponsor individual player and team pages, like this one of Blue Jays catcher
Gregg Zaun. ("The Z-Man Rulz.")

As of this week, the hockey site,, has opened sponsorships, so you, too, can own a player/team/coach etc. by putting a funny quip next to their name.

Guess what I did within a minute after I read that.

I'll give you a minute to think.

Got an idea?

If you know anything about this site, you know that we are proud supporters of the Mulleted One, if nothing else. Mullet Nation, if you will. So, within 24 hours (or so they tell me) this here blog will be the official sponsor of Barry Melrose on I know, it's so earth shattering and important that it deserved its own post (not). No, I know what you're saying. It was a waste of $10. You're right. It was. But the US Dollar buys less and less these days so 'what the hell,' right? That crap couldn't buy me a latte in England now could it.


  1. Thank God they didn't ask for $10 Canadian, you would had to take out a mortgage!

  2. Link is up as of now. Because no, I don't sleep, thanks for asking. Also, you aren't the only one that wasted ten bucks thanks to that site. Paul Gaustad better go on a tear this fall...