Monday, July 14, 2008

Guest Lecturer Series: Carolina on Ice

The summer is a boring time in Hockeyville. You know this. To try and keep our sanity, various folks from around the internet will stop by to share their thoughts on hockey, their favorite team and of course, whatever random crap we can come up with. Our next contestant is Dave McB from the Carolina Hurricanes blog Carolina on Ice. Our conversation starts in 3... 2... 1...

How do you feel about the Hurricanes' chances next season?

Right now, I'd say the feeling is "meh". If the re-vamped D can play in front of Cam Ward / Michael Leighton then they should be alright. They've been a real streaky team the past 3 seasons, and if they can actually keep a winning streak going - look for them to finally burst the playoff bubble again.

Imagine that you're GM Jim Rutherford. You also have the power to reverse/fast forward time. You just acquired Joni Pitkanen for Erik Cole. Do you use your powers to undo the trade completely, renegotiate or keep it the way it is? Why?

The first thing I'd do is go back to 1977 - party my ass off and make sweet love to a 21 year old Bo Derek. THEN, I'd come back to 2008 with a big smile on my face. Right, right... About the trade. It's obviously a little too early to make judgments on this trade. It would have been nice to just send a couple of draft picks to Kevin Lowe in Edmonton instead of a stud power forward who's a in-the-system player. Ask me this question in March 2009.

2008-09 marks the third season since the Canes won the Cup. In exactly six words describe why you are a Canes fan.

2002. Ron Francis. Rod Brind'amour. Tailgating.

If either Barack Obama or John McCain came out and declared that they were a die-hard Canes fan, would that affect how you vote in November?

Barack has already become butt-buddies with Roy Williams and has played pick-up with the UNC Basketball team. If he would have come out to "Skate With The Canes", it wouldn't affect my voting decisions, but it would make for a few good chuckles.

When politicians debate whether or not we need to "pull out" of Iraq, does that make you laugh too or am I immature?

You're immature, but apparently so am I because that's just plain funny.

You still have the power to reverse/fast forward time. Would you undo this interview?

Nope. But if you wanna go back to '75 - Bo had a couple of girlfriends that were asking about you...

Oh boy. Looks like I'll have to get working on that time traveling thing real soon! Thanks to Dave for joining us. If you would like to read more from him, head on over to Carolina on Ice.

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