Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jack Johnson is Trying to Start Shit With Us

Hmmm... So Dave McB forwarded this along to me earlier tonight. Not exactly what I want to see before bed. I'm going to end up dreaming about punching Jack Johnson in the face repeatedly.

Johnson, not to be confused with the famous man with the same name who plays crappy music that makes girls and girly men alike get all gushy, was interviewed at Inside the Kings. He had some not so kind words for Long Island. You can imagine that I'm probably going to have a little beef with Jackie.

Question: I know it is still early, but what's your call on the worst NHL hockey city?

Johnson: (Laughs). Oh, I'd have to say the Islanders' rink and the area just around there was the worst (laughs).

Dick. At least our fans show up before the second intermission.

Look. I know the Coliseum is crap. I know it's really ugly on the outside. But hey, I've still gotta be reppin' the 516 homie.

Oh and Jack, in case this hockey thing doesn't pan out -- you did bust your ankle last season -- you might want to get an actual degree.

Question: What are you studying?

Johnson: I'm just a general studies major. I don't care what my degree is as long as I get one (laughs).

That's called a jock degree, not a real degree. I don't think you want to be working at Arby's when you're done playing hockey now do you?


  1. Aww, that was harsh. What did you want him to say? "Every arena is better than the next. The vibe in every building is unbelievable."

    BORING. It's refreshing to hear athletes not say the same stuff in different words.

  2. I'm confused. Jack Johnson said the arena sucked, and you agree, but you're mad anyway?

    Also, we Kings fans are offended by your "at least we show up before the 2nd period" comment. That implies that we actually watch the Kings. Personally, I just like playing with the pretty numbers.

  3. It hurts to hear the truth, doesn't it Kev?

  4. There just isn't enough around the Coliseum to be as bad as Newark, but if we give the area time, I am fully confident it will give it a run for its money.