Monday, July 21, 2008

Mike Milbury and His Uncanny Ability to Stay Gainfully Employed

Seriously, how the fuck does Mike Milbury continue to find GREAT jobs?

He ran the Islanders into the ground, even when given solid ownership. He argued like a child on more than one occasion with his cohosts at the NHL on NBC this past winter. So how is it that Mike Milbury continues to get hired... And by the CBC of all places?!?


The CBC must be more desperate for television analysts than Jay Mohr is for a hit show. I seriously think my head is going to explode here. Clearly, he was not hired by the CBC because he was, how do I say, good on the NHL on NBC. That couldn't possibly be it. So who did he sleep with? Or maybe he's just that damn good when it comes to interviews.

Man, I'm just going to go and take some deep breaths here. I'm actually offended by his hiring. That's kind of ridiculous. All I know is that if this guy can continually get gigs, I'll be CEO at Microsoft in no time.


  1. Milbury went to Colgate (a fairly good school that). So he doesn't even have the uneducated high school drop out excuse.

  2. Satellite Hot Stove, awesome 2 years ago, dead to me today.