Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well, Garth Snow has been true to his word today by not doing a damned thing on the first day of free agency. Glad he is at least being honest. But, for one brief moment, I thought we had something.

I saw the following on TSN's front page:

"One of the NHL's top free agent blueliners is off the market, as the New York..."

Wait for it... Wait for it...

"Rangers have signed defenceman Wade Redden to a six-year contract worth $6.5 million a season."

There we go. Now I feel better.


  1. I'm feeling a bit of kinship with Islander fans right now- the Sharks can't get any free agent deals either. In on Campbell, in on Redden, and still get nothing.

    I guess I feel like management here still has the team on a decent track, but it sure it disappointing.

  2. Here ya go.

    "New York Islanders sign "defenceman" Mark Streit to a five-year contract worth $20.5 million"


  3. Relax, it isn't like you guys were going to be good next year anyway. One player won't help the problems the Isles have. Another bad season will get them Hedman or Tavares and then the kids what are playing now will have the experience needed to build a winner.

  4. That's true. Looking at the roster right now, it's barely NHL calibre. I'm not expecting anything out of next season, but I guess I'm conditioned to want something out of free agency nonetheless.

  5. Redden is being completely overpaid. He probably only considered the Rangers, because Sather is the only one who still pretends that the salary cap doesn't exist.