Sunday, July 20, 2008

Your Bizarre Ebay Items of the Week

The last time I checked it was still summer. As hockey fans, all that means is that we are still bored. That's why this little feature has returned yet again. Buying stuff is something to do. Talking about stuff we can buy -- also something to do. Talking about the weird stuff people are trying to sell us? That takes boredom by the throat and cuts the jugular. (Sorry if that was a little graphic -- I saw the new Batman last night. Great movie but I can't yet call it 'life changing'. Maybe after the second viewing.)

So, without any further interruption, I present to you your bizarre Ebay items of the week.

VINTAGE New York Rangers HOCKEY JERSEY Large NHL CCM @@ (Item #: 170235794395)

This one isn't bizarre but it may be the perfect gag gift. Have an Islander fan in your family that you really want to piss off? Making a Mark Messier voodoo doll? Want to call someone a douchebag but can't find the words to say it? Then why not do it metaphorically with this retro Rangers jersey! Whatever your reasoning, this jersey can do it all... Except play defense.

Sale Price: $12.50 + shipping.


If you're looking to buy a piece of crap that someone found in their garage then this next item is for you. It's a really old button from a crappy state and a hockey team that may never have even existed! For only $12.51 you could be the proud owner of something that should have been thrown in the trash years ago! Best of all -- shipping is free. Hey, even if you got raped from behind on the sale price, at least you got a great deal on the shipping, right? I like those odds.

Sale Price: $12.51, free shipping.

Hockey USA Live The Game Coaster/Beer Mat (Item #: 250271230748)

Maybe you're the kind of person that likes to go out to a bar on Friday night. Maybe you're also the kind of person that goes to Canadian dive bars and wants to bring those warm and fuzzy feelings home. If so, then 99 cents is all you need to bring those great feelings home!

Why not relive the vague memories of your drunk escapades with a nice, cardboard coaster? You'll probably have to put it away when important company comes over so you don't look too trashy (Don't want the Donaldsons thinking we shop at the dollar store!) but that's OK. You can still get great use out of it while you're drinking alone by yourself in front of the TV.

Best of all, it's in mint condition and the seller claims it's "never been used before."

Wait. Why is Labatt Blue sponsoring American hockey?

Sale Price: .99 + 2.00 shipping.

LOT OF 9 COLGATE HOCKEY HEADS 1971/72 (Item #: 330252896604)

I have no idea what's going on here and the seller doesn't provide much insight. I can only assume that these were sold attached to Colgate toothpaste. There are tiny white heads of all your favorites -- Lafluer, Dionne, Mahovilich. Collect 'em all!

Sale price: $76.00

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