Thursday, August 14, 2008

From Now on All Hockey Games Should Be Played in a Glacier

Take a look at the picture to your right. How bad ass is that? If you said very, then we're on the same wavelength.

As Wyshynski alterted me to, a bunch of crazy Euros put together a game 3,883 meters in the air. In a glacier. You know, they just decided to play in a mountain.

Of course, the game was not played on the peak itself, but nearby at Klein Matterhorn and its glacier palace at 3,883 metres. Three cable car connections bring people up there from the village. There's no higher point in Europe accessible by cable car and therefore no better place for Visp's record ambitions.

Maybe this is something that can help out the Islanders. They should build their new arena in a place completely inaccessible to other teams. I'm thinking in a castle surrounded by a swamp filled with hockey-player-eating alligators. Winning record here we come!

But anyway, somewhere Gary Bettman is smiling after hearing about the game. Naturally, it ended in a shootout. I wonder how they feel about shootouts across the pond. I imagine the fans went home happy that they had a winner but were somehow left feeling hollow and empty. I also wonder how it feels to get checked into the boards when the boards are a wall of ice. That's GOT to leave a mark!

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  1. 1) With all the global warming we figured there weren't any glaciers left. Go figure.