Saturday, August 23, 2008

Suggestions for the Islanders' Sign Guy

(C) New York Islanders

So the Islanders have this fan, one of the attention seeking eccentric types, who always has some sign at the games. He must work for some company that makes signs. That or he wastes an awful lot of money getting these things printed up.

Anywho, he appeared on the Islanders' website this morning along side the NHL's newest head coach, Scott Gordon. The sign he had, as can be seen to your right, read 'beam us up, Scotty'. Clearly lacking on the originality scale. That's where we come in. As a public service, I'm suggestion we help out Sign Guy. He clearly needs a little bit of inspiration, and I think we're just the folks to give it to him (but not in that way).

  • Scotty doesn't know (that Fiona and me do it in his van every sunday).
  • Welcome to Survivor 20: Long Island coach
  • Welcome to New York! How you doin? Fuggedaboutit.
  • At least you're used to coaching an AHL-Calibur team.
  • Meet your new boss, Rick DiPietro.
  • Yes, we are really in the NHL.
  • Welcome to Long Island, where old veterans go to retire.
  • Welcome to Long Island, remember it's an island. There's no escape.


  1. I like "At least you're used to coaching an AHL-Calibur team" but how about:
    *A new team logo - Gordon's Fishermen
    *No Spitting On The Ice Girls
    *You Aren't In Providence Anymore
    *Wang's Way Or The Highway
    *At Least You Aren't Milbury

  2. *Everybody Wang Chung tonight
    *Fishsticks for all!

    meh, that's all I got.

  3. While you may have some sign ideas there that garner a chuckle or two (Scotty certainly doesn't. Hi Scotty.) Please don't belittle our most recognizable and devoted fan. Yes, he certainly makes the signs up at work, but he is an avid die-hard season ticket holder and one of the staples of the coliseum. He is also an intelligent, modest gentleman who has turned down requests for interviews over and over. I just asked him a few questions today and he reluctantly (after I pleaded a little) gave me answers in e-mail. So, know he does this from his Islander heart and not for any other reason. And we at the barn and NY Islanders Country are very proud to have him. -- dee