Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scott Parker Can Kill You With His Eyes

He's got an ice cold stare that could suck all the energy out of the sun. If, you know, he felt like doing that. It's good to see that Scott is still keeping up with the whole, "I could kill you but I want to see you squirm so I won't right this minute" look that he had last season. It really suits him well. He is complete with full arm tattoos, which only verify that he means business. And it's a lot of business that he means.

And I cannot get enough of these poker pictures. They are priceless.


  1. I was totally there watching them play. I wanted to ask to get a picture with him because he was so ridiculous-looking at that table. But I couldn't remember his name; the name Ben Guite kept coming to mind, but I knew that wasn't it.

  2. Glad to hear you survived an encounter with Mr. Parker.

    That must have been neat, though. I am jealous that you're in Vegas!