Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday's Hockey News

It's time once again to take a look and see what news is coming over the wire today. Here are the major transactions around the hockey world.

Philadelphia Flyers - Signed a crackhead from South Philly. Theo Fleury is upset he didn't at least get a tryout.

Quad City Flames - Have postponed their game on Friday to Sunday. Their time slot was double booked with American Idol on Ice.

New York Islanders - Announced that no matter what Ranger fans say, Denis Potvin does not suck.

New York Rangers - Released an extremely detailed thesis paper on why Denis Potvin does, in fact, suck.

Mats Sundin - Announced that he had two buttermilk waffles for breakfast, but is unsure as to whether or not he enjoyed them.

American Idol on Ice - Has confirmed that it will replace the Quad City Flames in the AHL's West Division, starting on Friday.

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  1. Iowa City Chops - have announced they need applesauce and ketchup ASAP