Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday's Hockey News

Here is a quick look at what is happening around the hockey world today.

Arkansas Icecats - Jeopardy host Alex Trebek will drop the puck for the opening faceoff night at the Icecats' home opener. Darrell Hammond will be there dressed as Sean Connery to piss Trebek off and also because the Icecats' Game Ops staff has a sick side.

Vancouver Canucks - Have hired Sean Avery as a fashion consultant.

NHL - Today the league unveiled a beta version of a redesigned Additionally, the Shop on is offering brand new products such as a jar of Mark Messier's tears, a Gary Bettman Boo Machine and a book entitled 'A Handy Guide for Coping with Continual Failure'. The book will only be available to shoppers located in Long Island, Miami, Columbus, Los Angeles and Toronto.

Toronto Maple Leafs - Announced that they have acquired the rights to a playoff birth in 2010 in exchange for their hopes, dreams and aspirations.


  1. "acquired the rights to a playoff birth"

    So I am assuming they have Antropov knock up some chick and then trade her to the Penguins in April?

  2. PREDILECTIONS FROM THE FUTURE: Young'un Antropov and young'in Sundin lead Leafs to Cup in 2022!