Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Carey Price Makes Early Submission for Save of the Year

This might even be save of the decade. The announcers pretty much go bonkers and who can blame them. Really an unbelievable save by Price last night in the pre-season bout between the Habs and Red Wings. Take a look...

Yeah, he just kind of turns his head, goes 'oh, shit', and then proceeds to backhand the puck away from the net with his stick. That is freaking sick stuff if you ask me. It's going to take a lot to beat that for save of the year, even though the season hasn't acutally started yet.


  1. Why couldn't my goalie do that in my rec league game last night? Why????

  2. Sick... sick.. just wow. Makes me feel better about drafting Price in my fantasy league, too.

  3. That is astounding. I wish that fantasy hockey gave style points as well. That's a league winner.

  4. You want saves like that in rec league? Treat your tender better.
    Likewise- wth was Homlstrom doing in the crease? Gorges got beat and then made it worse by not hammering his guy out of the crease.