Friday, October 24, 2008

JR > Philadelphia

Hey kiddies! How is the glow of your monitor treatin' ya? Getting a nice tech-geek tan? Hahahaa. I slay myself.

But we have more in common than you think. Right now I bet you're going "oh no, you're the mighty JR, what could my feeble self possibly have in common with you Lord Roenick?" Yeah, I couldn't believe it either... We're both humans! Bahahahaha!!

Oh, man. I'm awesome.

Anyway, ever gotten fired? Yeah, I know you did. That's why you don't work at GameStop anymore. Well, the Flyers, they're my old employer. And the other night was awesome. I mean, did you see it? We let them hang around... Give up six goals... Hang around some more... And then BAM! At the very last second, I left them weeping. Hey, if you didn't see it -- shame on you if you missed one of my games -- here's the videotape.

That's all for now kiddies. Peace!


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