Saturday, October 4, 2008

Reader Commentary Theatre

It's time once again for a belated Saturday edition of RCT. That gave everyone an extra day to get those last minute entries in. Hopefully you made the best of it and are enjoying opening day, which you probably can't see if you live outside of Canada or Europe.

Well, maybe you can see it, but dreams you had while spending Friday night in a drug induced coma do not count. Onward, ho to the comments of the week!

Some fans open their presents on X-mas Eve so can't we have a game between say the Thrashers and the Desert Dogs and the loser franchise folds.

-BlackCapricorn on It's Christmas Eve, But It Feels Really Weird

The Habs are only going to go as far as Huet goes?

Whoah- you just blew my mind.

- Mr. Plank on Your Obligatory Northeast Division Preview

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