Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Have a Happy

Well, it's been a busy week and I'd like to apologize for being so darn quiet around here. I've actually had four interviews in the past three days and now I think I know what famous people feel like, getting asked the same questions all the time.

We're going to take tomorrow off -- and so should you -- but things will be back to normal on Friday.

One of the oddest things I've noticed through my trek through the real world the last few days is how people handle holiday well wishing. Some people -- not nearly all -- have abbreviated things to the point of absurdity. I heard one person at the end of a phone call say "have a happy turkey." Which, unless you own a pet turkey, is a little odd. But that's fine. We've got X-mas. I can live with that.

The weirdest thing happened a little later in the day. I was really surprised at what I heard. I heard one person say to another, "have a happy." And it's not like I just didn't hear the 'Thanksgiving' part. I was within ear shot. Seriously, is this necessary? At Christmas -- I mean, X-mas -- am I supposed to say "have a merry?" This is a memo I definitely didn't get. Which isn't exactly a surprise, since I don't get any memos ever. But it's confusing nonetheless.

But anyway, to you and yours, have a very, very happy. Or something.


  1. How about when people just say "gobble gobble". Since they are just miming the noise made by the dinner of choice, are they telling me to eat them? Rude.

  2. Ryan, maybe they're telling you to eat more?

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