Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday's Hockey News

It's the election day edition of THN (not to be confused with this THN). Aren't you glad you skipped work for this?

But seriously folks, go out and vote. CNN is reporting that 90% of us are expected to, and that's pretty good. But we can do better. I know we can give 110%. Anyway, on to the news!

Peoria Pelicans - At their game tonight against Wichita, anyone dressed as John McCain or Barack Obama gets in for half price. Ladies dressed as Sarah Palin get in free. Ladies dressed as Hillary Clinton are turned away at the door.

New Jersey Devils - Have announced that their newly finished robot, named Martin Brodeur Jr., will start in goal for the foreseeable future. GM Lou Lamoriello disabled the previous robot, Martin Brodeur, after it short circuited at practice on Sunday. Lamoriello said the elder Brodeur Robot had reached the end of it's useful life.

Saskatoon Skaters - Announced that they will give free tickets to any Canadian who sneaks into America and casts a vote for Mickey Mouse.

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