Saturday, January 24, 2009

Crazy, High Speed, Red Bull Sponsored Death Race Returns Tonight

Courtesy Red Bull

I've heard all the different theories about what to do with the All-Star Game and frankly, they all suck. Have the game in October... Make the Stanley Cup Champion play an All-Star team... Whatever. Those are some pansy ass ideas.

Here's one that could work.

Saturday night, take a bunch of hockey players, suit em up and take away their sticks. Then push them down a gigantic ice luge that's set up in the middle of Quebec City somewhere.

Oh, wait. That's exactly what's happening tonight in Quebec City. And it's FREAKING AWESOME.

For the third year in a row (I think?), Red Bull will be sponsoring an event called Crashed Ice which is exactly as crazy as it sounds. Folks in full hockey gear -- basically looking like they're ready to play minus a stick -- going down what's basically a modified luge track. Put it smack in the middle of the old timey part of a Canadian city, pack in as many drunk spectators as you can, and there you have it. Insanity on ice.

Who needs the skills competition? I'll be watching this!

Now if only I got TSN... Darn. For those of you who do have TSN, you can watch the finals tonight at 8:30 PM EST. If you're like me and live in the States, check out this YouTube video from last year's event. At the end of the race, all the competitors collapsed. I guess they didn't have enough Red Bull in 'em.

And one more thought, why isn't this part of the X Games?


  1. omg, i had already forgot the existence of this... it should be on tv

    it's always so cool to hurt yourself after you've finished...

  2. They need to put this in the Olympics. It helped keep me awake during commercial breaks.