Thursday, January 22, 2009

In the Washington Capitals' locker room

[Barack Obama enters]

Brooks Laich: Whoa, what the hell is Brashear doing in a suit?!

Donald Brashear: The hell? I'm sitting next to you, that's Barack Obama, President of the United States.

Obama: Hullo friends. I am new in town and I am a huge sports fan. As such, I am determined to meet all the local sports teams and get to know them. Going from Chicago sports to DC sports will be a change, but its change I can believe in.


Eric Fehr: Wait. Who the hell is this guy?

Milan Jurcina: I think it's the Prime Minister of Washington

Shaone Morisonn: No no... they use presidents here. He's the President of Washington.

Alexander Ovechkin: Hold on. What happened to Reagan? I thought George Reagan was the President.

Mike Green: You're thinking of George Bush. And he was the Foreign Minister. That's why he was on the news when America invaded Iraq.

Jurcina: So this guy, I Rock Your Momma or whatever is the foreign minister of Washington?

Morissonn: I'm pretty sure he's the president. Maybe George Bush is still the foreign minister.

Jurcina: Pssh. Wake me up when Ivan Gasparovic gets here.

Fehr: Wait, the President of Slovakia is coming HERE?!

Obama: /looks concerned

Brashear: /slowly shakes his head


  1. So Fehr doesn't know who Obama is, but he regocnizes Ivan Gasparovic? I'm actually slightly impressed... :)

  2. "I Rock Your Momma" is all I'll think every time I see Obama now...

  3. John Erskine: You dumbass, that's not Brashear, it's Ray Emery.

    Brent Johnson: WHAT?!?!!?