Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Versus [drinking] Game of the Week (Washington at New Jersey)

Mike Emrick in an undated photo
I have to say, in regards to Kevins post yesterday, I'm rather glad this isn't a dorm room as well. That would mean I would be the creepy old dude on his 8th year. I appreciate anyone who thinks they would be happier on the "Ryan only" feed. You must be a very unhappy person. It's a good thing I have a drinking game for you. (Alternate game, 1 beer for every year of Henrik Zetterberg's new contract)


... during player interviews when the words "I" "rock" "your" or "momma" are uttered.

... when you fall in love with Brian Rolston's boyish good looks. We miss you in Minny, Rolie! *sigh*

... if you plan on going to Doc Emrick night tomorrow. You know, in honor of guys who sound like kazoos.

... if Michael Nylander swears on air.

... every time they spend more than 5 seconds on a team not featured in this game. Twice if it's your team!

More rules in the comments, please


  1. how about drink your face off because versus sucks and the best way to not be embarrassed the nhl is on it is to be shitfaced.

  2. Drink everytime Caps player takes a dumb hooking penalty? Finish your Stoli bottle if this happens in overtime and lead to a goal

  3. ...every time Brodeur is mentioned even though he hasnt played in months