Thursday, January 1, 2009

A very special drinking game

With Kevin's possibly imminent departure, this is no time to play some silly hockey drinking game. Instead, we're going to play a silly hockey blog drinking game! Go into the archives and check out all of Kevin's posts, or just a month of them, if you are nursing a hangover, and let's play the Kevin Schultz drinking game.


... when he actually mentions Barry Melrose.

... for every post with a Youtube video. Drink twice if he mentions how he should cut back on Youtube videos.

... for every regular feature that has somehow stopped after 2 or 3 appearances. (pace yourself)

... when he mentions his secret mancrushes (Paul Stastny, JR, Pensblog, etc.)

... whenever he gets legitimately angry at something, like the media, or Toronto, or how bad the Islanders suck.

Seriously though. Best of luck to Kevin, it won't be the same without you here. Hopefully, me and the rest of the hosers around here can keep a good thing going.


  1. That was awesome. I'm honored to be made into a drinking game!

  2. The Loser Domi drinking game should be even more hammered-inducing