Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcome to Another Episode of 'As the Islanders Turn'

Events prior to tonight's game against the Rangers:

Rumors that Rick DiPietro might get shutdown for the season come out.

Fans clamor for Dubielewicz injection and local reporter gives them hope.

Events during game against the Rangers:

Joey MacDonald injures groin and does not return. Yann Danis to net.

Fans wonder if Garth Snow is now the team's emergency goaltender, demand team signs Dubie. Mike Dunham actually is the emergency netminder and runs downstairs just in case.

Pure speculation as to what may happen in the next few days, weeks:

MacDonald out for 2-4 weeks with groin strain. Danis becomes starter for a day until Dubie is signed.

Islanders continue downward quest for best lottery chance at the #1 pick to the delight of this Blogger. Blogger's master plan is fulfilled. Islanders probably still suck for the next decade anyway.

Ps. Aren't you glad I'm back? Now you get more Islanders than you can handle!


  1. Well that was fun ... glad you could stick around BMR for it ... =op

  2. welcome back.I'm glad I can continue to make fun of the Islanders :P

  3. Can you somehow make sense of why the Isles went out of their way to end up with Junior Lessard. I struggled to find the upside management saw in him with his 6 or so years as a Stars prospect....I mean, seriously, what the french, toast?

  4. Dubie, Garth, and Mike...step right because it's time to play, "Who's Fat Enough To Be The Isles Goalie"!!!!!

  5. @WiredMonkey: Not entirely sure either. I think it was probably a move intended for Bridgeport. With everyone on D pretty much healthy now save for Andy Sutton, I think they could afford to move some D. Lessard has been a pretty productive player at the minor league level, so might help the baby isles.

  6. @Kevin True enough...I never think of parent clubs doing those sort of moves on the clubs behalf, but I suppose that does happen. He's a decent AHL defenseman, but gets lost in the speed of the Big Club. Hope he finds his grove with NYI.