Sunday, February 15, 2009

The force is strong in this one

[Inside the Kings locker room]

Terry Murray: Only a precise shot will set off the goal light. The 5-hole is stick shielded so you'll have to use wrist shots.


Alexander Frolov: That's impossible. Even for a Gretzky.

Anze Kopitar: It's not impossible. I used to bulls-eye 5-holes in the Elitserien back home. They're not much better than Oilers.

[on the ice]

Sean O'Donnell: We're in the Oilers zone.

Frolov: Look at the size of that guy!

O'Donnell: Cut the chatter Red 2.

Frolov: What?

O'Donnell: Accelerate to attack speed! This is it boys!

Kopitar: This is Anze! I'm going in!
[Ethan Moreau and Sheldon Souray approach]

Dustin Brown: Anze! Hold up!

[Kopitar emerges unscathed]

Brown: Are you all right?!

Kopitar: I got a little cooked, but I'm OK

O'Donnell: Be careful, with all these skaters, the Oilers will be on you before you even see them.
Brown! You've picked one up!

Brown: I can't see him! Where is he?! (skates evasively) He's on me tight! I can't shake him! I can't shake him!

Kopitar: Hang on Brown, I'm coming in! (checks Shawn Horcoff). I got him!

Frolov: Watch your back! Dustin Penner's coming in!

[Penner bumps Kopitar]

Kopitar: I'm hit, but not bad! [Penner continues to follow Kopitar] I can't shake him!

Frolov: I'm on him Anze! Hold on! (checks Penner)

Brown: Good hitting Frolov!

[after a line change, Anze's line is back on the ice, with O'Donnell taking a run at the net]

O'Donnell: I'm in range. [cocks stick, readying a slapshot] Target's coming up, just hold them off a few seconds.

Drew Doughty: I can't hold them! (Checked by Ethan Moreau) AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

[O'Donnell shoots] It's away! [shot saved by Roloson] Negative! It didn't go in. Just hit the shin pads. [peels away from the net] Anze! Get ready for your attack run! [checked by Moreau]

Koptiar: Brown, Frolov, let's close it up, we're going in. We're going in full throttle.

Frolov: Right with you boss!

Kopitar: Just like Beggar's Canyon back home!

Frolov: I can see Roloson, but I can't see the 5 hole! Are you sure a wrist shot can hit it?

Kopitar: Increase speed! Full throttle!

Frolov: What about Souray?

Kopitar: You worry about Moreau! I'll worry about Souray!

[Moreau clips Frolov]: I'm hit Anze! I can't stay with you!

Kopitar: Get clear, Frolov! You can't do any more back there!

Brown: Hurry Anze! He's closing in much faster this time! I can't hold him!

[Zigmund Palffy's voice enters his mind]: Use the force, Anze!

[Kopitar readies a slapshot]

Ziggy: Let go, Anze! Trust me.

[Moreau is ready to slash Kopitar when Jarrett Stoll picks off Sheldon Souray]

Moreau: What?! [Moreau slips and slides into the corner]

Stoll: You're all clear kid! [Rachel Hunter listens on]

{Anze shoots and scores)

Stoll: Great shot, kid! One in a million!


  1. And now I'm picturing Zigmund Palffy as Yoda... The force use, Anze

  2. *we are not worthy, we are not worthy*
    prostrates oneself @ author's feet.

  3. How is there no Luuuuuuuuc Robitaille?

  4. There were a lot of good ideas I left out, that being one of them. Right now, I'm more interested in those who wish to prostrate at my feet.

  5. Terrific job, Ryan. I'm humming John Williams' score right now. Zigmund Palffy as Obi-Wan... sweet. "Sixty-eight.... Now that's a number I've not worn in a long time... A long time."

    A young GM by the name of Mike Milbury - who was a player before he turned to evil - helped trade away the prospects and proven players. He betrayed and murdered the Islanders.

    What? Sorry, got this mixed up with my guys.