Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lookalikes are Fun

You know, it's weird. I'm listed on the left hand side as being a "youtube Specialist" and I have yet to have any youtube videos here. That streak ends now.

I'm something of a nerd and one of my favorite shows ever is Red Dwarf. There's a character who is actually a hologram, Arnold Rimmer

(image from this angelfire site, which os probably stolen from somewhere else)

During the last Leafs game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, I thought to myself, "you know who looks like Rimmer?"(mugshot from

So I have to keep myself from singing to the Arnold Rimmer song:

He's Vinny Vinny, Vinny Lecav
Someone always says he goes to the Habs
When talking about trades that are not bad
He is kind to those who drive cabs


  1. Now I'll imagine him telling Tocchet, "Stoke me a clipper, I'll be back for Christmas!" before jumping over the boards for a shootout attempt.

  2. I bet he does that. In fact, I'll imagine he does that from now on

  3. Vinny has quite a resemblance to improbably named British TV outdoors survival show presenter Bear Grylls (who’s not at all a con and certainly doesn’t stay in hotels while he’s pretending to rough it).

    Sadly Bear doesn’t have his own song, although he did once sing the closing song on Harry Hill’s TV Burp, which would mean something to you if you were British, like what I am.