Thursday, February 26, 2009

The trade deadline drinking game

Sure we could have a drinking game this week, but Versus' games feature the Penguins and Lightning, and frankly, Tampa Bay doesn't have the same luster without Barry Melrose. The other game of the week is Colorado at the Islanders. The only person I could fathom that would possibly want to watch that is Kevin, and I assure you, as an Islanders fan, he is already drinking. The next best thing, and the highlight of the season for some, is the trade deadline. Now, you could turn this into an all week binge or just pack it into the last three pre-deadline hours while constantly refreshing the TSN website. It's really up to you.


... if the name "Brookbank", "Ference", or "Yan Stastny" is mentioned at any point.

... every time a GM makes a condescending remark about fans who don't understand how hard it is to make a deal.

... if Brian Burke chaps your hide.

.... for every player traded. Twice if they are AHL, thrice if they are playing in Europe

... if are following along online, drink every time you alt-tab from one site to another. Nerd.

I'm hoping for a Ference-Brookbank trade jackpot. Enjoy the deadline, everyone.


  1. ...finish your drink if Eklund is right about anything (other than the fact that the deadline is on tuesday).

  2. do a shot for every time you hear the names "Lecavalier" and "Montreal" in the same sentence.

  3. Drink every time a fan proposes a completely unrealistic trade of one of his team's scrubs for an elite player - i.e., John Erskine for Pavel Datsyuk.

    Make it a double if the fan defends the trade despite all scorn and derision - "No, really! They could use another physical D! He's an enforcer! OK, maybe we'll toss in a fifth-rounder or something, but this could work!"