Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Versus [drinking] Game of the Week (San Jose at Boston)

Did you all get to Denny's Tuesday morning? They had free breakfast for everyone. I drove by at 6am and it was a complete zoo. I had Cap'n Crunch at home. Now though, I regret it. I love breakfast food, and I rarely get the chance to eat pancakes, hashbrowns or bacon. Mmmmm.... Bacon. If you're like me and missed your chance, I suggest following BMR here. Hopefully it will make up for your loss.

Oh right, drinking



... each time the Bruins are compared to other teams in Boston. Three times if the Sharks are compared to other teams in San Jose

... if there is a debate over the most entertaining name on the Sharks roster. Is it Cheechoo? Is it Setoguchi? Fun for everyone.

... If Claude Lemiex gets in a fight. Drink 5 more if that fight is with JR

... every time Nabokov makes a save. I would say the same thing about Tim Thomas, but you should be busy laughing at the fact that the B's actually traded for Manny Fernandez.

More rules in the comments, please


  1. Awesome. I move to make BMR 24/7!

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  3. Every time I try to mock you I fail. Such is the nature of my sad existence.

  4. Drink a lot if that picture causes nightmares

  5. Yes, the loss of Petr Kalus and a 2009 4th-rounder is really hurting the Bruins now that Manny is one half of a goalie tandem that's tops in each of the goalie categories.

    I'm going to be at the game, (WOOOOO) I'll drink every time I see a Sharks teal jersey in the stands.